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TB meetup organized by Patricia to get to know the region a little bit more!

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20/07/12 roadtrip

I must say that I was really looking forward to this trip for days now, but unfortunately I couldn’t get a day off from work, neither did Tania, so we couldn’t leave for Drenthe until way after 5 PM.

From work I drove to Schelle, where Tania’s mum prepared a delicious meal, she spoiled us even with dessert. She really is the best!

When we checked to make sure we had everything, our road trip was a fact and as soon as my gps started speaking, we could hit the road.

Although we had a long drive ahead of us, about 3 - 3.5 hours to be precise, I must say that time flew by very quickly, maybe that’s because we did nothing else but chatting and dreaming about our trip of the year to the land of Oz. Before we knew it, we were already in Drenthe.

We arrived at the Hondelhoeve, our home for the next 2 days, just before dark which was great. We didn’t saw our fellow TB friends, so we decided to give Patricia a call and it turned out that even Jos and Petra were at her home. Within a few minutes they arrived on foot at the Hondelhoeve and we all could say hi!

Patricia made us feel right at home. She already did some shopping in the morning and while we were putting our bags in the bungalow next to the one of Jos and Petra, she organised some snacks and drinks for all of us.

We started chatting about everything and a little after midnight Patricia had to go home and the 4 of us also called it a night. After all, I guess it has been a long day for everyone.

21/07/12 searching for dolmens

I woke up early in the morning because of the sun shining through the window and I wasn’t the only one, even Tania was quite awake.

Because it was just too early to get dressed we tried to close our eyes for the second time around and soon enough it was time to take a shower and get dressed cuz we had breakfast at our neighbours bungalow at about 9 AM.

Even Patricia had arrived for breakfast, she brought lots of things the day before and together with the eggs Petra boiled for us, we had more than enough things to start the day.

After the washing up, Patricia had to go home for a few minutes, so the 4 of us explored the neighbourhood some more. Jos and Petra already visited one of the dolmens in de region and because it was a novelty for me and Tania we decided to walk to the nearest one, situated down the road of the Hondelhoeve.

Going back to our bungalow we met up with Patricia again and we all decided to go and see the largest dolmen in the area. Jos was kind enough to drive us four women all the way to Borger (and back of course), where the "hunebedcentrum" (dolmen museum) was located.

Just outside the parking area we could see the rocks lying all over the place, this time it were just small ones, but it looked just like a garden of rocks, quite interesting to say the least.

Inside the museum we first saw a movie explaining were the rocks came from, it was interesting but sadly enough the sound was very loud and not only to us, because in the front row there was one family with lots of small children who were so scared, the youngest one did nothing else but screaming and crying. To me very understandable, it shows it’s not suitable for everyone! Sound wise that is.

From here it was straight to the museum where we had a complete explanation of the dolmens, where they came from and more precise, what was the use of these rocks. For me is was quite interesting to see! And like every museum it also has a small souvenir/gift shop where you can buy rocks and other goodies.

Now that we knew where the rocks came from, it was time to go and see the largest one there is! And I must say, you won’t get disappointed. That thing is huge, so big in fact I couldn’t photograph it in one time … but that can also mean that it is time to buy another camera.

When we all had enough of staring at the dolmen, we decided to go and have ourselves a bite to eat and we all found something to our liking in the food section of the museum.

Once back at the “Hondelhoeve”, we had a few drinks and chatted some more till Patricia’s family arrived for dinner which she had organised in the buffet restaurant De Schaopwas.

In the early evening we walked towards the restaurant and I must admit it was a nice walk. Me and Petra were far behind the others because we wanted to soak in as much as possible, that and taking pictures of course!

The restaurant itself was nice and I like to fact that they have an area for kids where they can hangout while the “grownups” have dinner, because I can understand that it can be very frustrating for kids to sit for such a long time on the same place. Nice!

The food wasn’t all that bad either. There were so many choices, that it was just impossible to try it all … after all … you need some room for dessert! (Thumbs up Patricia, you made a great choice!)

After dinner we sat a while on the terrace of the restaurant, enjoying the last rays of sunshine and when it started to get dark and colder, we all went back to our bungalows and home because it was also bedtime for the girls.

Back in Jos and Petra’s bungalow, we relaxed on the sofa (read : Ils relaxed on the sofa)  and while Patricia provided drinks and nibbles we chatted some more about many things, all in all a great ending of the day.

22/07/12 Kamp Westerbork

Another early morning with sunshine, me like this very much! After getting showered and dressed, Tania and I made sure we put everything back in our bags because today was also sadly enough our last.

Once again we had breakfast in Jos and Petra’s bungalow and while we waited for Patricia to arrive, we all enjoyed the sun a bit on our small terrace.

After breakfast we said goodbye to Jos. He had other commitments and wasn’t going to join us women today. The three of us packed our stuff into our cars, even Petra was going home this afternoon.

We followed Patricia to her home because Reagan was going with us to Kamp Westerbork.

While Patricia made sure she was ready, Riekus showed us a book with the history of the town, as well as pictures of his relatives and fellow townsmen. It is amazing how much he knows about the history and architecture of the region. Quite impressive!

When everyone was ready, Patricia lead us to Kamp Westerbork, which is situated in Hooghalen and I am glad she was driving first, because it turned out to be quite a scenic drive between the woods.

It is almost noon when we arrive at the museum. In order to get closer to the grounds, we need to take a bus, which we notice upon our arrival and since we don't have time to spare, all 4 of us hurry to the ticket booths. When everyone has his entry tickets, we make a run for it and luckily we still can catch it in time.

Although it is a short drive, you can also walk from the museum to the campgrounds, something we learned later on.

When we arrive at Kamp Westerbork, I am amazed of how little is left. All the barracks are gone, the only house left is at the entrance and belonged to the “camp commander”.

The guided tour begins at the entrance of the camp. Westerbork wasn’t a concentration camp, it was a transit camp. From here hundred thousands of people were transported to concentration and extermination camps in Germany, Poland and Russia. Sadly enough, not many of the people leaving this place survived.


Our guide, which is a survivor, mainly tells about daily life, the daily struggles and the survival of each day, inside the camp and although there’s not much left, you don’t need too much imagination to figure out how things were in those days.

After visiting the campgrounds, we head back to the museum with the bus, where we have lunch and afterwards we also visited the small museum which gives you a better picture of the people who lived inside the camp and what they went through. It makes you go quiet for a while, that’s for sure!


A bit shook up of what we just went through, we say our goodbyes and we all head to our homes.

I don’t know about the others, but I had a great time, so the only thing for me to say is : THANKS Patricia, job well done for letting us feel right at home and for organizing this wonderful weekend.

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I read the first journal and I can’t wait till I get back to read some more! I could have read it entirely, but the hubby is tagging me in to Denny’s!! Lol! Tbh, I enjoyed reading your blog. I didn’t realize how much I missed reading your travel journals!

by pasyandoraCMay

This sounds like a fascinating road trip. I was not familiar with Westerbork until reading this. I will do some googling to learn more.

by littlesam1

Sorry you guys, for some reason I just notice this now, now with Covid and all I have a little bit more time to go through my blogs again and hope to catch up with reading others. Hope you all are safe and in good health.

by Ils1976

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